COVID-19 update: SEC Care services are considered essential will continue to operate. Our priority is to keep clients, staff and volunteers safe. Find out more.

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COVID-19 update

South Eastern Community Care is funded by the State and Federal Government through various programs to provide care within our communities.

Government advice has confirmed categorically that the services South Eastern Community Care provide are considered essential and we will continue to provide support to those of you in the Community who need visits and assistance with various aspects of your daily lives.

For ANY queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your Coordinator who can talk you through any issue or problem solve during this difficult time.

Our priority is to keep clients, staff and volunteers safe.

Summary of actions SEC Care has taken

  • Day Centre Programs cancelled. Our Day Centre Staff are contacting clients who usually attend Day Centre.
  • Programs and have a range of activity boxes that can be delivered to homes, as well as providing phone support and one to one visits where this may be needed. Please contact our Day Centre staff on 03 6269 1264 for further information.
  • Non-urgent volunteer transport has been cancelled. At this stage we have no plans to recommence our non-urgent volunteer transport program, however in some instances our staff may be available to take clients to some appointments; please discuss this with your Coordinator.
  • While some clients have suspended services, please be aware this pandemic and potential for social distancing measures will be in place for a long time – likely some months. We do not want users of services to be at a higher risk of injury, hospital admission or ill health through not utilising services, and so ask that you discuss options with your Coordinator. For example, a cleaning visit may be used to wipe benches, door knobs, and you may wish to stay in a separate room to the person who is cleaning your home. Shopping may be delivered to your door by our staff. Staff may be able to help you learn a new skill during this time.
  • Staff must ask clients prior to commencing if anyone in the home is unwell or if anyone has had contact with confirmed COVID-19. Please let our staff know if you or your contacts have had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, as we will need to review the visit for a period of 14 days and/or take extra precautions.
  • All staff who are able continue to work from home, and we are keeping in touch to check how these changed circumstances are affecting workers.
  • NO STAFF who are self-isolating due to travel or contact with confirmed COVID-19 are able to enter the workplace during their isolation period. Staff who return to work will sign a statutory declaration to confirm they have met the isolation requirements after travel.
  • SECC have a good supply of hand sanitiser and gloves, and all staff must wear gloves for domestic assistance and for personal care. Staff change gloves and wash hands between all clients.
  • Masks are not considered necessary at this point in time for our staff and we have advised staff of this. If you are unwell, please advise our staff, and stay in a separate room to them when they are undertaking Domestic Assistance tasks.

Social distancing

Please be aware that ALL Australians are asked to practice social distancing. This means stay at least 1.5 metres away from others. Do not shake hands or hug staff.

Only touch where is it required for delivery of care e.g. personal care, wound management is allowed.

Clients who are over 65 and have medical conditions, or clients who are over 70 have been strongly advised by the Government to self-isolate. Government advice is also that in these circumstances you still can access your community in-home services. If you wish to consider changing the services in your home / receiving wellness check or other, please contact your Coordinator to discuss.

Travel in vehicles

All Staff have been directed, if taking a client shopping or on an approved outing, that the client is to sit in the back of the vehicle. This will reduce the risk of droplet transmission and is for the safety of both staff and clients.

Payment of accounts

South Eastern Community Care’s office is not open for physical payment of accounts and we are not accepting cash payments.

Clients are able to pay over the phone (03 6269 1200), or online.

If you are unable to make a payment during this period of ‘shutdown’ your services will continue, you will NOT be charged interest and we will NOT disadvantage you in any way for not being able to make your regular payments. Contact our finance staff on 03 6269 1200 if you wish to make arrangements for other forms of payment of accounts or contact your bank for direct transfers.

For up-to-date information

The Government is continually updating information for all Australians, including health-workers. Please do NOT rely on social media or unofficial sites for all of your information; many sites do have misleading information. You can find the latest information and updates at and Tasmanian updates at


Stay safe, and stay at home wherever possible. SEC Care Management are closely monitoring the situation in Tasmania – while there is an outbreak in northwest Tasmania, we have relatively few cases in southern Tasmania. We are keeping staff up to date with daily newsletters and staff should have many answers to our actions and how we are keeping you safe. If the situation in southern Tasmania changes and we need to further alter our operations we will send further information to all clients.

Helen Pollard, on behalf of all the SEC Care Team
20 April 2020


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